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    new Project settings...possible solution for AVCHD poor performance

    Schlista3 Level 1

      I have experience very poor performance when editing AVCHD content from my Canon camera.  I was using the DV widescreen by mistake as the last format I used was a DV camera.


      When I switched to AVCHD Full HD 1080i 30 the performance was greatly improved.  But I actualy have my camera set for 1080p 30.  It's a setting on the canon vixia HF S100.  My options are 60i, 30p, or 24p.  I prefer no interlacing so I can avoid de-interlace issues when posting content on computers (plus most TVs are progressive today and it's easier to go from p to i without impacting quality).


      But which options is best for me?  should I try and create my own custom setting?  I noticed in the Hard Disk and Flash presets they have two settings (one says 60i but that is anamorphic).  The HD 1080i 30 looks like the same settings Full HD 1080i 30.


      Thanks in advance.