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    Certification Expiration

      We have training that has to be retaken by users every two/three years. Is there a way to track this in Connect? So we can flag a course has being good for two years? Then run a report or send email to notify us?

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          sean@realeyes.com Level 1
          I would look and see if the Events module could handle this, especially because you're looking for automated emails back.

          Not exactly sure if I follow your question fully but happy to help figure this out for you.
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            r.eicher Level 1
            What I meant to write is we must take certain courses every two years. We do not want to have a person run a report every day to see who needs one. We want the system to be more proactive as to tell someone that 'John Doe' needs course ABC by the end of the month.

            Are you still thinking that the Events module is the way to go on this? If so how would you see this working out?