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    PrE8 => HF200 Timeline Settings


      OK, I scanned the forum and I see many having difficulties with the HF200 files.  Personally, I just wait for the files to conform, drag the file into the timeline, press Enter and wait for the Red line to go to from Red to Green before editing on Quad Core 6gb laptop.


      With PrE7, I did something similar with Dual Core laptop with 4gb laptop.


      I realize this is below specs, but I'm generally happy with the results with some patience leaving the room watching everything crawl, especially with projects sometimes lasting over an hour.  Then again, perhaps my edits are very simple with straight cuts and a few cross dissolve transitions.


      Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone has a solution to a Timeline preset to avoid getting that Red bar from going across the timeline.  I generally shoot 1920x1080 at PF30.

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          I think the red bar appearing over the un-rendered clips is the general PRE behavior.

          hoewever a small trick that i use is to shrink the work bar area i.e.the grey bar appearing just above the redbar which has small rectangle-like things on both sides.

          This is what i generally do - move the CTI to a place from where i want to start my editing and press "ALT + [" (i.e. alt key + left square bracket key) and then move the CTI to a desired end position and press ALT + ] (i.e. alt key + right square bracket key) and press enter to render. This way though my timeline might have number of clips but the area under the workbar only gets rendered(red bar turns to green).

          This way i postpone rendering the clips(or sections of clips) that I am not currently using.


          The help file does contain some text on the workbar area, you might want to have a look.