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    ACR in Bridge--help greatly appreciated


      I'm having trouble understanding how ACR works in conjunction with Bridge. I have a folder of about 80 images, opened and adjusted all in ACR, hit Done on the ACR window, and watched as they updated in the Bridge window. I did these individually. Now I need to send and post these images. But when I go to the folder outside of Bridge, most of them have not been updated. They remain dark, dull and unrotated. When I look in Bridge, they look great. Did I miss a beat here? Was I supposed to save the adjusted image in order to be able to send it to someone else? I thought that ACR retained that info going forward, but I may be misunderstanding a basic concept here.


      Would appreciate it if someone could clarify this for me and let me know how to go about getting the worked on images out. In short, must I now open and save each image individually to have them retain the ACR adjustments? I hope not! Is there a way to do a batch kind of global save? How?


      Many many thanks in advance!