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    How to add DRM to pdf using Acrobat Pro


      Hi there!


      A few weeks ago I buyed Acrobat Pro to make eBooks.

      I write these books with Microsoft Office 2007, save them as pdf using both, one time the buildtin pdf creation, and then the using the Adobe pdfmaker com Addin for Office 2007.


      Ok, both is doing well, I have a well looking pdf and I am able to protect them with Password to prevent printing or so on.



      Now I want to protect these files with DRM in such a way, that the customer is only able to open it with his/her Adobe ID in Adobe Digital Edition, eBook Readers and so on, but not with Adobe Reader or any alternative readers, and first of all: only the buyer should be able to open it ...

      ... hm, yes I learned a littele about Adobe Content Server.

      But I think, this will be a real overkill, I only want to publish two or three erBooks a year!

      And I want to distribute it from my own website.



      I tried to contact Adobe support two weeks ago, but since now I get no answers, I tried it again, no answer, ...

      ... maybe this forum will be helpfull?!

      (Sorry for my maybe funny English - I am from Austria ;-)))