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    Audio and video sync problem Cs4



      For the latest 5-6 years i had the same problem.

      Video and audio goes out of sync if I capture more then about 10 minutes. The same if I export more then about 10 minutes.

      It doesen´t matter what camera I use.

      We have 3 different ones

      Sony Hvr-A1e, Trv950 E, Pdx 10p

      It doesen´t matter what computer I use. Right now we use imac 2.8 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo. I have tried with PC the same problem.

      We always upgrade the Premiere program.



      It doesen´t matter if I record Dv Sp or HDV. The same problem.


      The process looks normaly like this.

      Record in Dv SP Ns48k or HDV1080i


      Sequence Presets

      Dv PAL Widescreen 48khz


      HDV  1080i25 (50i)


      What makes it even more confusing is that sometimes we capture 30 min in premiere and then when you play it in VLC it is not out of sync but it is in premiere???


      I have seen Threads about this but no solution.


      Everything works fine if we record shortclips and export less then 10minutes but when we try with longer projects 30 minutes or longer it have NEVER worked. That is the most strange thing. If it works with short projects It can´t be my settings that are wrong or???


      Sorry for my terrible English