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    Too many activations


      I have the same problem like many others. I can't go

      into ADE. Can you reset my activations?

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          You can get your activations reset by contacting Adobe support: http://www.adobe.com/go/supportportal

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            And how do I do it now? I've tried for 60 min now, but didn't find the way to do this. And the link above doesn't give me the posibillity to start a support request


            How can I get my account reseted?

            and how can we get Adobe to increase this limit? I read in internet that it's a limit on 6 devices, and that's to less. Especially if we have computers, smartphones tablet (for me and my partner which I use to read my books ok)....



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              Level 4

              Anna, Jim Lester used to work for Adobe, and he gave you a URL to go to to

              get your account reset.  Click on the link in his message.


              Many people think that this business of reading ebooks is simple - just

              download the ebook and start reading.  But, like every computer

              application, they all work according to the program, and picking the one

              that will do what you want it to do is very important.  Digital Editions is

              designed - and limited - to interact with two computers and four supported

              devices, which are ereaders for the most part, or specific software

              packages that interface with Digital Editions.  Smartphones are not

              supported - and probably won't be because their operating system is not

              compatible with the basic design of Digital Editions.


              In addition to the program, there are limits on how users can download and

              distribute ebooks.  Those limits come from the Digital Millenium Copyright

              Act of 2000.  Adobe, Apple, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, WH Smith and other

              publishers, distributors and sources for ebooks have implemented software

              that complies with those limits.  One example is that publishers, authors

              and distributors can limit the number of copies you can make of an ebook,

              which may not work if you want to 'give' the same ebook to your partner.

              If you and your partner want to use the same device to read an ebook,

              you'll have to share a user ID.


              Hope this helps!


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                AnnaSolid Level 1

                Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately I still need some support. Where should I click after I follow the URL?

                Either I end up with a $40 fee or a dead-end as I don't have an adobe product.


                I just want to have all devices reseted from my account, but it seams like that I can't just send a free message to the adobe support...

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                  I need help too.  I think Nook's stink and I'm on my 4th one...so, now I have too many activations.  How do I get Adobe to reset mine?  I've used ADE before so I know how it works.  I tried deleting ADE and then re-adding, but no changes.  I'm really not happy about this as I have a couple of library books that I checked out yesterday and now I can't read them since I can't transfer them!  No permission.  I can't transfer any of the other books that I own too.  I totally think this is an ADE problem, but when I called the guy on the phone insisted that it wasn't their issue!   Any advise is welcome!


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                    Level 4

                    "The guy on the phone" needs a reality check.  Personal Opinion: Adobe

                    needs to train their tech support people to understand that, even though

                    ADE is a free product, there ARE issues that the tech support people are

                    supposed to handle.


                    One of those issues is the activation count.  Only ADE tech support people

                    can reset it.  Be persistent.....


                    About those 'No Permission To Copy Here' messages: they stem from the

                    digital rights that are assigned to the ebook by the publisher, distributor

                    or library.  You can contact the library's technical support function and

                    discuss this with them.  They also should be capable of doing something

                    about the loan period for the ebooks you've downloaded and can't use right



                    Finally (?), Nooks have been problematic lately.  Several posts in the past

                    two weeks or so have been about Nooks that developed amnesia and couldn't

                    remember that they'd been connected to ADE.  In those cases, a reset was

                    effective in getting them to remember - sort of a 'shock treatment' to

                    Nooks.  Also, a Nook software update caused issues to develop, but I think

                    that's been fixed....


                    Hope this helps!


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                      shanksmom Level 1

                      You are so sweet to help.  Thank you sooooo much!  I'll bug the heck out of them to keephelping me.  I didn't like that the guy ended up sounding like he thought I was an idiot.  I'm not.  I'm working on my MBA for heaven's sakes!



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                        The website is ABSOLUTELY the way to go.  I called phone tech support and the man said he couldn't reset my activations because they had no way to do it at Adobe, and that I would have to contact my ereader manufacturer.  I tried to explain to him that I no longer had the readers (I have returned 6 and finally have one that works) and could not de-activate them.  He insisted that he could not help me, I asked to speak to his supervisor and he hung up on me!  Luckily, I found this forum and after a 3-4 minute webchat I was all reset and reading again.  Phone support was VERY rude!