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    Importing PPT slides into a larger stage


      Hi - am messing with Cap 4 Demo before I decide whether to upgrade or not. I've discovered an issue that COULD add alot of time to my workflow. In Cap 3 I used to be able to import PPT slides into a project that was larger than the imported slides.


      (eg:  importing ppt slides at 530 x 400 pixels into a Cap 4 project that is 900 x 700 pixels and positioned to the right of the screen.).


      No problem in Cap 3 - but Cap 4 automatically sizes the whole project to match the ppt slides. The only workround I've found is to export to Flash CS3, and then import the resulting swf files back into Cap 4, and then place each one individually on the stage.........a bit of a pain when you gotta do this for 10 presentations of 70 slides each!


      Is there no way of importing ppt slides, sizing them and positioning them all in one step anymore WITHOUT the whole project being resized to match the slides?


      I have a conference project to do with hundreds of slides and this could to add ALOT of time to my workflow. Should I stick with Cap 3 ??????


      Help appreciated!