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    Can a script be written to do this ... Creating Cross-References


      I'm not very familiar with scripting for InDesign and do not have time to learn it right now So I would like to first of all find out if it is possible to do what I want via a script, and if so, what would it cost to have such a script written. This is what we need:


      Using InDesign CS4, both Mac and Windows ...


      We have a database publishing applicatoon which creates tagged text files for creating things like catalogues and directories. The files are created either using InDesign Tags or Xtags. When the files are imported into an ID layout everything is formatted, pictures placed, etc. We want to be able to create cross-reference automatically - for example, "See our ad on Page n". We can create the cross-reference tag, no problem, but there does not seem to be any way to create an anchor on the image (the display ad) to link the cross-ref to. I am thinking that a script to work as follows:


      1. In the tagged text file we add a special tag to the paragraph that contains the image we want the cross-ref to link to - for example "<anchor 1>" or something like that - this would relate to the hyperlink reference in the cross-ref tag.

      2. After importing the tagged text file, the user runs the script

      3. The script looks for each occurrence of our special tag, deletes the tag text, and creates an anchor on the image that is immediately in front of the anchor tag in the same paragraph (so there might, conceivably, be more than one cross-ref  image in the same paragraph)

      4. Hopefully, then the cross-refs would magically work


      Can it be done?