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    Multilingual captioning, how?

    George Medve


      I am creating a CD-Rom presentation, the requirements of which are Video and multi-language captioning.

      I thought this would be a good opportunity to gain experience with OSMF and the Captioning Plugin.


      I am an FDT user rather than Flash Builder and have rebuilt the CaptioningSample example as a Pure AS3 project, swapping Flex components for Flash CS3 components. Everything compiles and video with captioning works well.


      For the next step I want to add be able to switch between various captioning languages, but I can not see how I would go about adding this functionality.


      I think I am going about this the wrong way and that there is probably a simpler way of doing this, but below is what I have tried.


      I presumed that I would need to load all of the DFXP documents in advance. Then when the user selects a language the captionLabel textfield is populated with the correct caption.


      I thought adding a value to kvFacet might work, but this always displays the last value entered.


      // adapted from CaptioningSample.mxml line 118 in the loadMedia method

      kvFacet.addValue ( new ObjectIdentifier ( CaptioningPluginInfo.CAPTIONING_METADATA_KEY_URI ), CAPTION1_URL );

      kvFacet.addValue ( new ObjectIdentifier ( CaptioningPluginInfo.CAPTIONING_METADATA_KEY_URI ), CAPTION2_URL );



      I have also tried changing th key used in  new ObjectIdentifier ( 'lang1' )but I cannot see where I would check against this new value.



      Could anyone offer some assistance on this matter please?



      Thanks in advance,



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          George Medve Level 1

          I am starting to wonder..... is this even possible in this release of OSMF?

          I have been trying all sorts of hacks and trying to got through the classes to see if

          I can try and get it to work, but my understanding of the frame work is quite limited.


          Can anyone offer any assistance?




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            bringrags Level 4

            Couldn't you select the language up front and then assign the appropriate language-specific XML document to the metadata facet as the caption URL?


            // Set the caption URL based on the selected language.

            var captionURL:String = ...

            // Assign to the resource the metadata that indicates that it should have a Timed Text
            // document applied (and include the URL of that document).
            var kvFacet:KeyValueFacet = new KeyValueFacet(CaptioningPluginInfo.CAPTIONING_METADATA_NAMESPACE);
            kvFacet.addValue(new ObjectIdentifier(CaptioningPluginInfo.CAPTIONING_METADATA_KEY_URI), captionURL);

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              George Medve Level 1

              Hi Brian,

              Thanks again


              It is an idea but ideally I think the client would like to be able to switch at while the video is playing.


              The funny thing is that I have managed to get it working with the CS3 FLVPlayback & FLVPlaybackCaptioning components by simply adding 2 instances of the FLVPlaybackCaptioning component. I did have some minor tweaks to sort but it works well.


              I don't think that the current implementation of the Caption Plugin has been designed with this in mind.


              It is a shame as I was quite looking forward to trying out OSMF.  Maybe once it has matured some more.



              If any one has any ideas then I am interested in hearing them






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                bringrags Level 4

                You're right, dynamic switching of captioning files is not currently supported.  Can you file an enhancement request here?





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