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      i have some Problems with the Adobe Reader (Version 9.3). I install it on a win 2k machine witch is added to a domain.

      After log on if got an error mesage :


      RUNDLL -

      Error to load C:\dokuments and users\administrator.domain\applicationfiles\adobe\update\hlpsys.dat

      The file was not found


      How do I get this mesage away?


      Deinstall an remove the registry entrys is almost with out success as reinstall or repair install.

      By starting the Computer in Windows savemode (with network) and the problem is gone but staring the next time normal -> here we go again!

      I found the hlpsys.dat in an other profile, coppy this to administrator profile and after logon i got a lot of error mesage an explorer.exe won't work (start,stop,start,stop,start,stop ans so on).


      What else can i do?


      Thank you