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    How to use vertical scroll browser in Flex web app?



      I´m developing a web app with flex3. Web app has linkbar connected to a viewstack,

      that contain inside a canvas that change the height property depending on the option

      selected on the linkbar. My problem is that, when the viewstack resizes his canvas

      and has the height property bigger than the resolution of the web browser, shows a

      vertical and horizontal scroll inside de canvas. I need not to show the scrollbars

      inside the canvas, I need to show the vertical scroll bar in the general container, I

      think in application. I try to set the property verticalScrollPolicy to "off" in the containers

      and "auto" or "on" in application. The containers don´t show now the scrolls bar and

      application shows an empty vertical scroll bar. I would need to have an vertical scroll

      bar working properly in application. Somebody could help me, please.