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    Adobe AIR on iPhone OS-based Apple Tablet?


      http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/187791/quick_draw_publisher_leaks_apple_tabl et_details.html


      So if Flash is already on the iPhone OS, can we expect to see our Adobe AIR app running on the modified iPhone OS that will power this new Apple tablet?  Our product is in alpha testing right now, and we expect to sign on thousands of users for our new Adobe AIR-based software  in 2010.  We're deploying on Windows 7 touch-screen tablets such as the ASUS Eee PC T91MT, but if this Apple tablet is a compelling device for our needs, it would be awesome to see our app running on that as well.

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          heavyboots Level 2

          Nope! No Flash in iPhone OS still and this thing is running iPhone OS...


          Didn't I hear that CS5 was going to have some way of converting Flash to an iPhone app?

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            naijaguy Level 1

            That would be awesome.  I found out in the updates from the launch event that Flash is not supported on the Apple iPad, so any way to get our Adobe AIR app running on there would be helpful.  What's the point of a cross-platform runtime if there are compelling platforms on which it does not run? 

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              Arno Gourdol Adobe Employee

              As we have announced at MAX 2009 we are working on a solution that will be available in Flash Pro CS5 to convert your AIR applications so they can be run on the iPhone, iPod and iPad.


              We have a closed pre-release program in progress and as part of the beta testing several developers have used the Packager for iPhone to develop and post applications to the Apple App Store.


              We are looking for developers and designers who have a specific app in mind to be submitted to the Apple App Store within the next two months. If you want to build an app for the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad using Flash, please shoot us a mail at iphone-prerelease@adobe.com. Please include in your message the name of the app you'd like to build and whether you think you can have it in the Apple App Store within the next two months.


              You can find out more about all this here:



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                DachFlach Level 1

                Is there any reasonable guess as to when some kind of beta or full release will made available to those of us who are developing an app which is not going to be released on the App Store?

                Some kind of timeline, even if it is horrible like months after this two month App Store Test, would be certainly appreciated. At least then we would know and can move on.

                I applied to the iPhone-Prerelease Club but got no further messages after indicating that our intention was not to aim for the App Store.