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    Extending Super Services

    Daniel Pride Level 1

      When I create a service in php and then add the Responder and Service in my mxml document Flex creates this super service for it and a file to extend it. Is there any documentation yet on extending the superservice yet. I am a little confused as to how the superservice fits in and why it rewrites automatically. I have to say trying to read the superservice is more than a bit mind boggling. It would be great to have something which gives a bit of an orientation to this. The Tom Lane video didn't really mention it.

      Can I put a call in my mxml file or does it have to extend the superservice? Hope I am not bogging down the forum with stupid questions.

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          Daniel Pride Level 1

          Oh !....   I See !!!!!

          You just write your php and the application does everything else for you,... writes the actionscript Automatically.

          Yaba....   Daba.... Do


          You might want to emphasis that more emphatically in a single concise opening sentence

          in the training and most particularly in the Sales Literature.


          This thing develops faster than a Jack Rabbit populates.

          This is GOING TO BE HUGE !!!!!!!!


          Dan Pride