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    Setup disk once again


      Hello i have one question about my setup disk.I have PC I7 920@3.8Ghz, 12GB DDR3 and three disks.Two new seagate 3.5 500GB 7200.12 and one external disk 2.5 Seagate 7200.4 ESATA connect. How i setup this disk to work in premiere  CS4 ?? RAID0 helpful ?? I think about this configuration:

      RAID0 from two disks 3.5 and partition this:

      50GB: SYSTEM + OS

      150GB: Render files, scratch files, project files

      800GB: media files

      External disk: Export media files


      This is it good ?or maybe this configuration:


      No raid and:


      DISK 2 3,5: MEDIA FILES

      DISK 3 2,5: EXPORT FILES


      I read FAQ but there is no solution for two disks. I know that partitioning is no good.I have one question about preferences: Optimize for memory, or for perfomance i CHOOSE ??


      I will work on AVCHD files from panasonic 151E

      My english is no good and sorry for my mistakes

      Best wishes