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    Problem with Printer Margins on 11x17 Booklet


      I am testing the new HP7000 tabloid (wide format) printer. It works quite well with adobe for enlarging full sized sheets. It also works fine with adobe for 8.5x11 booklets (eg. 2 pages side by side on a sheet).


      However when I try to make a booklet with 11x17 paper, the output has very wide margins and I cannot adjust them to fill out the sheet. I have tried most of the margin options on the "print" pop-up menu, which I assume is the adobe menu. I also tried most of the size options on the "properties" menu which I assume is from the HP driver. After 4 hours of sitting on the phone while HP tried to learn how their printer works, I was told that this is an adobe problem.


      I think not. I tried printing using other apps such as VISIO and Word and I have similar problems


      Can anyone shed some light here? Perhaps there is some combination of adobe options that will allow the output to fill the margins for tabloid (booklet) printing.