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    How to Print With Different Syntax Highlighting

    david_kenneth_coleman Level 1

      Hello all,


      I have a very annoying problem with Flex Builder 3.  I have my editor colors set up exactly as I like them: black background, and VIM style syntax highlighting.  I'm pleased with Flex's ability to allow me to customize my editor in this way.


      I'm also pleased that FB3 obeys my syntax formating when it prints the source code.


      I'm totally frustrated by the fact that it also prints my black background on the printout.  Is there any way that I can have a "printout friendly" option in Flex?


      I will not change my IDE colors, since Eclipse does not support themes, but isn't it possible to have an "invert printout colors" or something like that?


      It is a real pain that when the code looks good on the screen, it has become un-printable.  There has to be a way that I can print with the "default" syntax highlight settings.


      Can anybody tell me how I can have custom syntax format settings for my printouts without re-configuring my entire preferences just to print a file?  This is a very dissapointing side effect of an otherwise impressive feature.


      Many thanks and best regards,

      David Coleman