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    Dynamic XML to Datagrid


      Hello to all,

      I'm not a newbie in Actionscript 3 or in Flash, but I'm starting to use Flex, and maybe there is someting in a small scale missing for waht I want.


      Here's what I have.


      I've made a multiplayer game wich the objective is to answer questions (Math, Physics, Biology, etc...). You must select one of the four answers as fast as you can to end the game, and you will throw new questions to the opponents, if you are really quick.


      This is done, now I have made a simple Flex application that can accept and store the questions to a database with PHP and MySQL. Has this will be used by several teachers to place the questions, it has to be simple. The application stores and retrieves some statistics for the numbers of questions that are stored.


      The second part of this application is to visualize them, and alter them if needed. For that I made a datagrid with a small form beneath it. The objective is to select all questions or select an area and all questions of that area would populate the datagrid. I make a call through a HTTPService to a PHP that would reply XML data, and not a XML file.


      making a raw call for the PHP the answer is correct, and I think that Flex is doing it to, but I don't seem to catch it and place it on the datagrid.


      The XML is like this:












      The examples I saw so far only mention the retrieval of an xml file somewhere on the web or localy, never with data in the form of xml. Is it so different?


      Other newbie question... does the command trace, works?


      The code is attached if you care to see it.



      I a