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    Flash lingo commands

    rafa@mediatech Level 1

      Hi everyone,

      I have a flash project that I need to import into Director. It is a scroll bar (custom made) movieclip that contains a bunch of buttons (18 buttons). I am trying to have these buttons open PDF documents from director, but it is not working!

      My flash action script (AS2) looks like this:

      contentMain.overPDF.onRelease = function(){

      contentMain.overWord.onRelease = function(){


      My movie clip button called "overPDF" is inside a movieclip called "contentMain"


      In Director I have the following in a movie script:



      property openOverPDF

      property openOverWord


      on openOverPDF
        baOpenFile( the moviepath&"docs\PDF.pdf", "normal" )


      on openOverWord

           baOpenFile(the moviepath&"docs\Word.doc", "normal")



      Now, this code works fine if the movieclip "overPDF" is outside "contentMain"... but I needed inside "contentMain" so that it works isinde my scrollable content...


      Any idea what am I doing wrong?


      thank you in advance!