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    Issue tabbing through form fields on Adobe Reader 9.2


      Hello everyone.  I am having an issue that I am hoping someone can assist me with.  We are currently using IE6 and Reader 5.5 in our production environment and we are currently testing IE8 and Adobe Reader 9.2 for deployment.  Our company uses a web portal where we have many pdf forms that open within a web browser. The problem we are experiencing is that when tabbing through fields on the pdf, the cursor will eventually cycle down to the end of the form and then start cycling through to the top of the browser (toolbars, address bar, search bar,etc) before finally returning to the pdf document's fields.  Is there either a setting in the reader or maybe even IE which controls this functionality and will limit the tabbing to only the pdf form?  Or does anyone know of a method of limiting the tabbing functionality to only work within the pdf document itself when opened within a browser?


      Any help on this is greatly appreciated.  I have looked through all the reader preferences and do not see anything directly related to this.  Thank you very much in advance.