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    What is the proper way to slice this?


      I'm newbie, have taken a DW class, but only info I have about FW is self-taught from the various tutorials

      by John Wylie, Matt Stow, etc.  on the adobe website.  Created my first webpage comp

      in FW (attached) and trying to bring it to DW, but having a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to properly

      slice the banner portion so that I don't lose the page gradient, and I am able to  use FW to generate the "up" and "down"

      state of the navigation buttons (hover will be coded in DW).


      Is there a proper, not too complex method of slicing this so that I can bring it to DW?  Or have a created an impossible

      design by putting navigation areas along the same y-co ordinate as the logo?


      This forum has been fabulous!  Thanks to all that have helped me!