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    Q about tree nodes w. same label (different branches)


      Apparently renderer gets confused if it needs to show two nodes with the same label, even though they may be on different branches of the tree. In the pic below, nodes marked "role-read-only" get expanded/closed together - you click on one, they get expanded/closed simultaneously. You hover a mouse on one, the other one gets highlighted.


      The tree is in the form of ArrayCollections (with children being other ArrayCollections). How to change this behavior? Am I missing a comparator in a tree or a tree nodes (if so - what's the format?)?


      Thanks in advance!

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          hetanem Level 1

          To all who'd like to know the answer.


          Problem was that I used Proxy to wrap around business object representing a node. So each node was a Proxy. As soon as I changed wrappers to not be Proxy everything worked fine.

          I came to solution after discovering that the described behavior is typical if you use _the_same_ object for two different nodes.

          Apparently flex fails to properly compare two different Proxy objects and thinks they are the same. Or perhaps they ARE the same under the hood.