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    In my RH8 project, I have a disappearing folder and one, un-removeable, permanent folder ???


      I am using RH8 with both updates installed on a Win XP system.  As you might know from my other postings, ignorance (my own and mine alone) has caused several problems for me.  I did not know that the folders in the RH Project Manager were pseudo-folders.


      Okay, here's what I did first and I think I understand what RH did in response.  I wanted to create separate folders for each major sub-division in the Help project and segregate the images for those topics, also.  I tried creating a "subdiv_1_topics" folder with a "subdiv_1_images" folder as a subfolder.


      I could not get RH to generate WebHelp with any files in these sub-topic and sub-sub-image folders.


      I tried to return to the "status quo" by deleting the folders I had created.  However, I have never been able to delete one of the image folders.  It is nested in the RH Images folder but my images folder (lower case i) is now the MAIN images folder.


      I learned about this, the very hardest way.  I discovered that I could move image files, one-at-a-time, from my images folder up to the RH Images folder.  I thought I was putting the images back where they belonged but I was wrong.


      On my local drive, RH was moving each image out of the Images folder and was putting it into the root with all the topic htm files and RH files. I did not notice this and I went completely through the WebHelp generation process and our process of moving the generated files from the WebHelp folder to our SVN repository.  Then, I left for the evening.


      Next morning, first thing, my boss and I were both apoplectic when we discover that all of the images are gone from the Help topics. A quick check of Windows Explorer and the RH folder/file explorer showed what had happened.  I spend the next 3 hours moving all the images, one-at-a-time, from the topics area back to my images folder under the RH Images folder.


      I have left them alone since ... NOW, the NEW EVENT:  I wanted to create a folder just for a few topics that had been prepared in advance for future application enhancements.  I was going to ask this forum if there was a way to block RH8 from touching that folder when I generated WebHelp ... I noticed a dfferent problem.  The folder that I created is gone from RH but in the right place in Windows Explorer.  I am baffled.  In summary, in a perfect world, I would have the RH HTML Files (Topics) folder with just the HTM files and all the attending RH files.  Then, as either a sub-folder to the topics folder, or as an equal folder, I would like a place to put these several files for future use, with the folder protected from WebHelp generation until I say so.  This is just for convenience.  Then, I would like to have the RH Images folder with all the project images but no sub-folder where the images lie right now.


      Feel free to contact me off this forum.  Sorry, if I am too breezy here.