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    !!!Emergency!!! ;(


      First of all sorry for my broken english! Here's what i need!


      I have like only 10 days to prepare a simple video (like a slideshow, just images) A Rock band will perform the song and the slideshow-kind-of-video will be playing on LED Screen...  They only gave me the following settings ...  2:3 x 3x7  !!


      Heres the place and u can see the LED screens ...



      can anyone tell me: how to set up a new project in Premiere Pro 1.5 and the best export settings for this kind of video!


      I dont wanna see my video stretched out or pixelated ... pls help me as soon as possible .. the time is running out ..


      thank u very much!

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          Cotsiosfx Level 1

          thanks Harm .........! pls man give me some help ...

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            For YouTube it does not really matter, it is sh*t anyway. You can also output just black screens for that medium. If you want to know more, be more specific.


            Some suggestions... and answer at least the 16 questions at the end of the Wiki article.

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              Cotsiosfx Level 1

              for youtube?? no u didnt get it .. sorry my english sucks


              I posted that video from youtube to see the LED SCREEN on stage .. i have to make a video to play on that LED SCREEN u see in this video! Isn't that clear?? The gave me these settings 2:3 x 3x7 .. whats the best format to export my video to get the highest quality? i really dont want to make a pixelated  or stretched out video :/

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                shooternz Level 6

                those measurement are what ?  metres , feet, inches, pixels?



                How are you projecting to the LED Screen?  what is the display device - DVD, computer


                These determine the type of file you will need.


                What is your source material ( stills only?)

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                  Cotsiosfx Level 1


                  You can see the LED SCREEN in that video in the back of the stage! The display device is ... they told me to put it on DVC tape, its a TV Channel, what do they use in TV Stations? i have no idea how they will play it .. they just told me "make ur video with these settings 2:3 x 3x7 and give it to us on DVC Tape!"


                  Yeah i ll make a slideshow- somekind of karaoke video for the song with images ... but i m afraid that it will end up stretched out or pixelated ..

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                    shooternz Level 6
                    these settings 2:3 x 3x7


                    These dont mean much at all. They are not settings but look like a ratio and a dimension.


                    Get more info from them.

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                      Cotsiosfx Level 1

                      okay lets say we got the Ratio 2:3 and dimensions H:3 x W:7 ... what else do i need to know for the best result? Whats the best format to export it for the best quality??? Microsoft .avi format???  i ll take the final video to a place where they can transfer the .avi into DVC Tape ..


                      What will happened if the rest of my settings is compeletly wrong .. like PAL or NTSC,  Frame Rate, Color depth ... ??? It will end up a ****** un professional slideshow ...

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                        shooternz Level 6

                        Ask them for all the info you need to provide  a professional service and product.


                        You should edit at the highest resolution you can from the source material and export at the highest quality (eg uncompressed avi / mov) that the post housewill then use to send to tape.    You wont go too far wrong with uncompressed avi / mov but ask the post house.


                        Fundamental really.

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                          Cotsiosfx Level 1

                          Okay .. thanks man for ur help .. and sorry for being a pain in the **s

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                            Matt Petersen Level 3

                            If it's the row of screens at the back of the stage, I'm gonna take a wild guess and say 2:3 proportion (note that that is in the PORTRAIT format, you'll have to set that especially using PP's "Desktop" editing mode in the Project setup). It seems 3 x 7 could be the dimensions in FEET. Is that the unit of measure commonly in use in your country? What it might have been BETTER for the station to tell you is what RESOLUTION those screens run at, so you can setup your project accordingly, but given they just want a tape it sounds like the system will scale whatever it's given.


                            Just make sure you get your proportions right, or you might get some pillar bars or letterboxing, and you don't want that.


                            Good luck




                            BTW: please don't post with things like "emergency" or "urgent" as the title. that tells us nothing about the problem and a lot of people will ignore posts like that.

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                              Cotsiosfx Level 1



                              Man that was really helpful ..  it must be Feet or Meters .. we use both .. i called the station twice today .. they told me they will call me back ... and i m still waiting for their call .. they dont seem to give a ****  thats why i m so desperate


                              thanks anyway Matthew i really appreciate it .. .. i guess i have to wait until tomorrow ..