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    Coverflow adobe flex

    bertbaeck Level 1

      Hi everybody!


      I am a little bit desperate... I downloaded the source code of this "Coverflow" and I can't get it running




      How can I solve this problem?


      Thank you very much for helping me!



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          Here's what I did to get it working:


          Download and extract the zip file.

          Create a new Flex project in Flex Builder.

          Drag the libraries in the libs folder into your Flex project's libs folder.

          Drag the com directory to your Flex project's src folder.'

          Drag the CoverFlow_FlexControls.mxml application into the src folder.

          Set the CoverFlow_FlexControls.mxml as the Default Application (by right-clicking on it and picking "Set as Default Application")


          And that's it - you should be able to run it from there.