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    RadioBtnGroup, NumericStepper and the use of multiple ....

    aktell2007 Level 1

      Hi there,

      I have a RadioBtnGroup with (8) RBtn, and also One ‘NumericStepper’ which uses the change property to address a ‘changeHandler’, and to count appropriate values up or down.


      At the moment I can only select the first RBtn and the ‘changHandler' associated with it, but now I’m trying to find a way to use the change property of the ‘NumericStepper’ multiple time (as per One RBtn to One ‘changeHandler’) within a switch or case statement ???  To try to avoid to use more than the One ‘NumericStepper’.


      Please Note: I do have to use One ‘changeHandler’ per RBtn! as all the values from one to the other are different.


      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, regards aktell 2007