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      I am trying to optimize a 15 page PDF document which is now over 260 MB's.  When I try to optimize the document, I get a message that says


      "The PDF document contained image masks that were not downsampled."


      I have already tried downsampling in the color image, grayscale image, and monorhome image sections of the settings menu, and I now do not know what to do.  When the PDF gets optimized after I get the message, the file is only a little bit smaller.  I would appreciate if anyone thinks they know how to fix this.




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          Phillip M Jones Level 4

          Try making a Copy to test the Try Flattening the PDF (that puts everything one layer.)


          Also check to see if you have multiple Fonts embedded, of the same type. Say for example Helvetica Bold Italic In some cases depending upon the document you might have 4, 5 or more copies if the same font. Remove all but one copy of each font type.


          If the PDF is designed for the web make sure jpeg images are set at 150 dpi or lower. For book or Magazine publications you have to leave as is. for reports that will looked at two seconds then chucked in file 13 after looked at 150 DPI is adequate.


          Also while in Optimizer, go to User data check Discard user information and metadata.


          Make all these settings, then optimize. Then open the optimized file and see if looks like the orignal PDF. If so your all set.

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            Paul Cracknell Level 3

            For a break down of bytes and percentages of elements such as Images, fonts, color spaces that make up your PDF you can choose, Audit space usage...' in the top right of the PDF Optimizer dialog box. This will help you identify the bulkier elements that you can work on downsizing.

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              BenCloutier Level 1

              I often noticed a significant drop of size producing a PS with Print using Acrobat Printer and then Distiller with the settings used in Optimizer.