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    Hangs on initializing


      I have written my first Flex 2 web application using Adobe Flex Studio. The application reads an RSS XML file from another website. I have created the crossdomain.xml file and tried it in the www root as well as the application directory but I don't think the problem is with reading the XML file as I do display error messages if this fails. The application runs fine on my local development pc. When I deploy the files to the web server the browser starts with the "Loading" then "Initializing" and then just stops. Because this is my first app I am not quite sure where the problem is. Any assistance to solve the issue would be appreciatted. You can see what the app does at this link http://www.sallie.co.za/Index.html


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          Faaiez_Sallie Level 1
          Well, I guess I've sorted this problem.
          The first thing to do is to use the Firefox browser, which has much better error handling.
          I discovered that a component that I was using was referencing an image file that was sitting on my harddrive. Firefox popped up a message and basically told me this :) Cool. Remind me to tip the firefox developers :)