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    Distribute Adobe Reader

    joe5677 Level 1

      I am working on updating from Win XP to Win 7. I am

      looking for the Adobe reader file so I don't have to continue to download the Adobe Manager, Adobe Reader everytime. I signed up for the distribute Adobe Reader but the link provide only seems to give me exactly what I had before which is to have to download Adobe Manager, Adobe Reader, etc every time. Can some one explain to me where the Adobe Reader file is located.

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          KenWL Level 1

          Go to the link on the "Thank You"  Web Page.  I just downloaded the actual Adobe Reader 9.3 Installation file from there.



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            joe5677 Level 1

            1. Apparently you

            did not use any of the links from the Adobe Software Distribution Request email from Adobe.

            2. Don't exactly know what a Thank You page was.  I did a search on Thank You Reader and got the Reader download page.

            3. This time I cancelled the Adobe Manager download and at that point I got a click here to download. When I clicked that link I did get the file.


            So I did get the file but I am not clear on the steps to take but it appears one has to cancel the DLM to get to the Reader file.

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              joe5677 Level 1

              Thanks for the answer.

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                KenWL Level 1



                I saved the file on my hard disk and then "opened" it with a double click.  Executing the file installs Adobe Reader 9.3 instead of Adobe DLM.




                PS.  Yes, I had to cancel the cancel the DLM installation and click the "Click Here if the File Download doesn't start"" button to get the file.  I haven't done anything with the AdobeForum options.  Most of the Forums I've used have "reasonable" default options.  Maybe the Adobe Reader Forum is different. 

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                  joe5677 Level 1

                  I wasn't having trouble opening the file. I was having trouble finding it. When I signed up for distribution I expected Adobe to give me a link to the Reader file. Instead Adobe point to back to the same general download page and expect one to figure it out.


                  When I select download Adobe Reader, the first thing Adobe is going to do is download DLM. From there DLM goes directly into downloading  the file itself and I have no access to the Reader file. Therefore one has to either cancel the DLM and select the "select here to download" link or use the link provided by ~graffiti


                  Your answer was helpful in that it pointed me back to the download. However, the answer I was looking for was given by ~graffiti.