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    Do the Support Staff actually read the Case Notes?


      ?I have an ongoing case regarding "Too many activations" I explained in the original case (#0181401927) that I had a working ADE on my laptop but owing to a Windows XP problem on my Desktop Computer that entailed reinstalling several times I had used up my 6 activations.Now that I have resolved this problem with  XP I am unable to activate ADE on my Desktop Computer (my preferred computer with ADE)  I recieved a response frome Support Staff requesting my ADE  authorization ID. I replied with my ID and explained that I had checked it with the Laptop Activation wizard to be sure that it was the right ID.  I recieved a response saying that I had apparenly resolved the issue because I had accessed ADE on my laptop.This would lead me to believe that the Support Staff member had not read the whole thread but only my response for the requested ID. I realize  that there are more than one member of the Support Staff but surely that would require that there should be a protocol that would require the whole thread to be scanned.

      This problem with activations seems to have been around for a long time and begs the question :Why is it necessary to limit the activations per individual  ID at all. Perhaps it would be better to automatically wipe unused activations after a predetermined time.

      This case has not been going on for as long as others I have seen in this forum and the turnaround  on responses has only been a day or two but I was very disappointed with the second response. Had the thread been scanned properly the issue would be resolved by now.

         Regards Dennis Alderton

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          zundapp56 Level 1

          Further to the above I have had no response from Support Staff since my last response to them.I dont know if it is because of this post or because of lack of staff.It does seem to me like a fairly well understood problem and I would have thought that it would have been addressed by now.

               Regards Dennis

          Edit and Update    Problem has been resolved by Rakesh of the Support Staff. He gave me the initial response which was fine.My second response was the problem and was given by an anonymous Support Staff member (probably a boss) and was disappointing. The last response was from Rakesh who was back on the job and my problem was solved.My thanks to Rakesh.

              Regards Dennis.