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    Render, Preview?? Help!


      Hello, i just downloaded premiere elements 8, and I inserted some video clip, pushed play, and the video lagged a WHOLE bunch. The audio seemed fine, but the video was just really bad. So i did "render work area". And it played back fine, but took a lonnnnnnnnnng time. Do i have to render it everytime before i can preview my work?


      Anything would be greatly appreciated!




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It depends on what kind of camcorder your video came from and which project settings you're using.


          If your video is from a traditional tape based miniDV or HDV camcorder, you only have to render if you add effects.


          If your video is from an AVCHD camcorder, you will likely have to render -- but this type of video can demand a quad core processor to work with anyway, so rendering shouldn't take too long.


          Other video -- such as video from Flip camcorders or from still cameras -- probably ought to be converted to a more standard format before you bring them into Premiere Elements.

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            CT2the3 Level 1

            Mine is an AVCHD Camera, and i am running a dual core processor. So would that be y it takes so long to render?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Yes. Most likely. As I say, AVCHD is probably the most challenging format to edit on a PC. It takes at least a quad core processor to do it without a lot of sitting and waiting. Sorry.

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                CT2the3 Level 1

                Alright, one more qiuck question. is it possible to show two diffrent clips at the same time in my project?

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                  nealeh Level 5

                  Yes. Add the second footage to another video track. Then vary motion (where you can set position and size) and opacity - both standard properties of every clip. Then add other effects as necessary. I think the maximum number of video tracks is 99 in PRE.


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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    The term for this is PiP (Picture in Picture). Neale has given you the most common way to do this. There are a few others, should his instructions not be quite what you want. I do not recall the version of PrE that you have, but in the later versions, there are even PiP Presets, though I find that doing my own offers far more control, and I can exercise both my artistic and technological license.


                    Good luck,