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    What causes Operating System Error during Reader 9.3 Download?


      Adobe Download Manager gave me a solid Operating System Error 16260.103.5438.322371585 during the download of Adober Reader 9.3.  It then cancelled the download and terminated the installation.  I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3 (with all up-to-date patches) using Windows IE 8 to do the download.  I was unable to find ANY guidance or information on the cause or nature of the error.  After a number of false starts and reboots, I finally uninstalled Adobe Download Manager, the previous version of Adobe Reader (9.2), and rebooted my machine.  I then downloaded the Adober Reader 9.3 installation file from the link on the "Thank You" Web Page (without error) and installed Adobe Reader manually.  All now seems to be well, but I have no idea what caused the Adobe Download Manager failure. There are no errors logged in the System or Application Event logs.  Can anyone point me to a location that describes the Operating System Error codes and (hopefully) lists the codes with an English explanation of the cause?

      Thanks for any help!