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    "Lazy"/Delayed initialization of objects?


      Good day!

      I have a Text control just for easy debugging during development, it was setup as follows:


                  <!--some previous forms here not shown-->

                  <mx:Form id="DebugResults" label="Debug Output" hideEffect="{fadeOut}" showEffect="{fadeIn}" >
                      <mx:Text x="128" y="500" enabled="true" id="DebugResultsTXT" width="570"
                          text="debugging output here" />


      And an event handler that outputs the debugging info:


                  public function debug_handleReply(event:ResultEvent):void
                      // writes to the Text Control for easy debugging
                          DebugResultsTXT.text = event.result.toString();


      My problem is that when the webpage loads, DebugResultsTXT is always NULL. (I set breakpoint and watched DebugResultsTXT)  I found out that I need to manually navigate to the tab "DebugResults" and the DebugResultsTXT text control will be instantiated.


      My Questions:

      (1) is this because flash performs "lazy" or delayed initialization/instantiation of objects?

      (2) any way to "force" the instantiation of DebugResultsTXT without having to manually navigate to that tab (can't expect that from the end-user right?)


      Many thanks!