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    Premiere pro cs4 to HD youtube.


      I have looked around and checked the wiki. The answer on exporting to youtube was not sufficent.

      I conducted a series of interviews using a Cannon HD VIXIA HF100 for a university project that I am editing, putting on youtube, and placing on a blog.

      When I export it with the following settings It views nicely on my computer but on youtube it looks like the attached image.


      Format: H.264

      Preset ustom


      Multiplexer>Multiplexing: MP4

                Stream Compatibility Standard


                Codec: MainConcept h.264 Video

                TV Standard NTSC

                Frame Width 1440

                Frame Height 1080

                Frame Rate 29.97

                Field Order: Lower

                Pixel Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 16:9

                Profile: Main

                Level: 4.0


                Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 1 pass

                   Targe Bitrate: 15 Mbps

                Maximum Bitrate: 20mps



                Audio Fromat: AAC

                Codec: AAC

      Output Channels: Stero

      Frequency: 48 kHz

                audio quality: High

                bitrate: 160 kbps

                     precedene: bitrate




      I must admit I am not 100% sure what my video was recorded at, but clicking on the proerpities in VLC I return this:

          Stream 1

            type: Audio

            Oringal id: 4352

            Codec: a52

            Channels: Stero

            Sample Rate: 48000hz

            bitrate: 256 kb/s

           Stream 0:

            type: video

            Orgiginal ID: 4113

            codec: h264

            Resolution: 1440x1080

            Display Resolution: 1440x1080

            Frame Rate:  59.940059





      I suppose can anyone suggest settings that may allow for proper HD viewing on youtube. Thanks