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    Flex + Html

      Hi all,
      I kind of already know the answer to this but want to post here in case I am wrong; or someone knows a custom control; or someone from Adobe reads this and gets it in Flex 3 :-)

      What I would like to do is build a UI for an existing WIKI and a Blog using Flex. Unfortunately, Flex (unless I am mistaken) only supports a subset of html tags in controls that have a htmltext property. I am aware of solutions such as that found here: http://drumbeatinsight.com/htmlcomponent - but I believe solutions such as this utilize some sort of hack and aren't true flex components and aren't interpreting html through the flash player.

      It appears an html control will be available for AIR but not for Flex 3, can anyone confirm if this is correct and if it is does anyone know why its not being included for Flex 3???

      Oh and also where do I submit my feature request wish list feedback to Adobe for Flex 3 - anyone know?

      thanks all,