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    PrE8 keeps thinking I'm new at Startup


      Although I've been using PrE8 heavily for about a month (and had 2 previous versions that I didn't use regularly, but upgraded anyway), I'm doing a project and "ignoring" some issues with PrE8 since some of the "troubleshooting" suggestions on the site are over 20 steps, in some cases.  The NVidia crash was an easy fix since I couldn't get very far without doing it and losing work is annoying to say the least.  Machine: HP Intel i7, 9 GB RAM -- plenty of juice -- Win7-Pro. (Did I mention how 8 cores crank up for rendering, it's a pretty sight!)


      Problem 1: (from day 1) Organizer just won't start.  Guess I'm off to the "20-step program" unless somebody has a "try this first" suggestion or two.


      Problem 2: (started a couple of days ago) If I start PrE from the Start Menu (regular or Shift+click), the opening spash screen wants to tell me about the new features and, even though I can see my photoshop login through the blur of the spash screen, PrE8 thinks I'm new.  If I go to the project file and right click "Open", all starts fine.  Not sure what changed, but it's annoying.


      Since I keep finding these little gems, and since the forum is so helpful, guess I'll just peck away at my annoyances until I finish this project and look for a more stable editor... (and to think that I was MORE annoyed with 3 previous versions of Pinnacle and two older versions of Sonic).


      Thanks to all for good help and suggestions.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The Organizer will take a long time to launch the first time. This is because it is building your catalog. Let it run and do its thing and eventually it will launch -- and then it will open easily thereafter.


          If you'd like to skip the Welcome Screen, you can do so by installing Ozpeter's utility. This program not only gets you around the Welcome Screen but it also ensures some annoying features turn off when you exit the program. From the FAQs to the right of this forum:


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            digitalreply Level 1

            Another small trick that I use to skip the Welcome screen is by directly running the "Adobe Premiere Elements.exe" from the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0 directory or wherever your application may be installed.

            Infact you could also create a shortcut to the above exe on your desktop or in the start menu and this would always skip the welcome screen on launch.

            But once in a while i do check the welcome screen(at times it offers links to some good stuff) by clicking the "Home" icon on the right top of the app.



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              kentRda Level 1


              I tried running the PE8 Runner.exe   that you suggested.

              Unfortunately, it resulted in an error, saying that the system could not find the specified file:  ie: 091: Run,"C:\Program files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0\Adobe Premiere Elements.exe"


              I would assume that the reason it can't find the Adobe files is because I am running Windows 7, 64-bit. Thus, the Adobe Premiere files would be in: the C: Program Files86\   directory, rather than in the directory shown in the above line.   Do you have an email address, or link to the author of the PE8 Runner.exe program?   If so, we could probably have him modify the setup file so that it would look in to the Program Files-86 directory when run on a 64 bit system.