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    Rendering via Premiere Pro


      Well.. First off, this isn't so much a problem, as a lack of know-how in the first place. I'm fairly good at the processes of editing things in and between AE and Premiere, but when it comes to Rendering out my finished files, I don't know to much. (Which also means I tend to mess up things when setting up sequences in the first place.) I can't seem to grasp some of the terminology shows up in Adobe Media encoder/The After Effects render queue. Now.. I feel like a bit of an idiot for posting this, but I was wondering if someone could give me a hand here. (Guides, Videos, Ect.) Something that could help me figure out what I'm looking at when setting up a video render. Not to say I don't have a bit of an understanding, but if someone asked me to, say, render a video in 720p mp4 with h.264 video @ 6Mbps and AAC audio @ 192kbps, (Quoted from somewhere else) It would take me a few minutes to sift through all of the encoder settings and set it up right.. And even then I don't know half of what I did in the first place.


      I'm posting this in the Premiere fourms because you set up most of your project using sequence presets in Premiere before rendering out.



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          You could start maybe by getting this book




          Curt, who is often helping people here authored the book. You can look inside the table of contents at this link...see what it offers.


          Once you get that far you can then get what you need to focus on more specific areas.


          Good Luck




          I would say that books are your best bet to start off


          Then specific tutorials


          Then just keep digging for information ( the internet is a good source in general ) about specific codecs and settings for exporting using them...for the different "reasons" to export .....  different intentions....how you're going to USE the export....

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            Bobbnik Level 1

            That looks pretty helpful, Thanks. : ) I'll look into buying that book, and I've found a few helpful online resources as well while posting around other forums.


            If anyone else has any further information, feel free to post it. The more information I can get, the better.

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              A great free resource for tutorials for CS4 can be found in the PrPro-Wiki. Between the tutorials, and the FAQ section, most of the ability of CS4 will be revealed.


              Also, what you are asking for is "Export," and not "Rendering." In PrPro-speak, they are different functions, with different results. Now, many do interchange them, but when it comes time to locate the proper tutorial, or FAQ, it will likely pay dividends to look for "Export."


              Good luck, and I also recommend the Adobe CiaB for Pr CS4. Great book, and it tells you not only the "how," but also most of the "why."



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                diehard bob

                Here are the resources I've been alerted to so far:


                The Premiere Pro Wiki; It has alot of information, but I had trouble finding anything really that useful. The information seems to be scattered around in no particular order. - http://premierepro.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Tutorials


                These two books. I'm comparing to see which one would be more useful; Although they both look good.

                - Adobe CiaB for Pr CS4 (I have no link for this)
                - http://www.amazon.com/Adobe-Premiere-Pro-Classroom-Book/dp/0321573854


                Finally, I was linked to this seemingly old Adobe doctument, and while it seemed to talk a little about everything, I managed to pull out some information I needed and found it to be helpful. (As far as I can see, it was made in 06, so it is old.)

                - http://www.adobe.com/motion/primers.html


                I'm starting to catch on to this stuff. If anyone has something further to add, go ahead.

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                  That Adobe Primers link is new to me. I have bookmarked that.






                  PS - I feel the same way about the Search in the PrPro-Wiki. I like the site, but Search can be odd. Also, I have noticed that some of the new pop-ups can also cause issues. However, revenue is essential to maintain something like the Wiki, so I cannot complain too much.

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                    Well, you're gonna laugh...but I learned photoshop (version 3 ) years ago this way, and I'm learning premiere CS3 in part the same way....I'm also using other sources..but this is one thing that REALLY HELPS...


                    Print out the help files and put them into a notebook.


                    You end up reading most of them as you print it and put in a book....


                    It stays with you because you've handled it and transferred it from the help file format to a word document ( or whatever you use to print out the files...no sane person would print the things directly from the help menus...  you have to re-format and make it better for your notebook )



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                      That seems a bit heavy on paper and ink, but I'll keep it in mind none-the-less. Thanks.


                      And no problem Hunt. Hit me up if you have any other advice.