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    Does Premiere Pro CS4 HDV Support HDV/Import of Mpeg-2?


      I just downloaded a TRIAL version of premiere pro CS4.  I already have the full Web Premium design suite and Final Cut Express.  Also, I have a Sony HDR-HC 1, which produces anamorphic HDV, and an old, external hard drive full of captures of HDV mpeg-2 files from the HC1 to Premiere Elements 8 on a PC.  I'm wondering. . . can premiere pro CS4 import and edit these HDV mpeg-2 files, or can I at least recapture the footage from my HC 1 and edit these HDV files with Premiere Pro CS4? 


      The main reason I downloaded the trial was to see what editing these files would be like.  I just went from PC to MacBook Pro, and although I love the mac, I'm really frustrated about the limits of Final Cut Express - it doesn't recognize these files and HDV capture files are huge.  I've heard the trial version of Premiere Pro omits certain file types.  I just want to confirm before I buy that I can do what I want to do. 


      I don't see the point of having a trial version that omits certain features.  Put a watermark on the screen, an X, or a the Affleck duck for that matter but let me see that I can produce what I want to before I shell out more cash. . . just venting. . .thanks for your input!