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    auto update text

    RogerPaine Level 1

      I use drawings that have different views of an object on different layers; is there anyway of formatting text so that a dimension on any given layer will automatically update when a related dimension elsewhere is changed? For instance; a top view and a side view on different layers both showing the length dimension of an object; I update the length in the side view and want it to auto update in the top view... is possible?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Not directly. AI does not know anything about true dimensioning/ measurements. Either use variables and simply assign the same variable to things that need to stay in sync or get yourself the CAD Tools plug-in.



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            RogerPaine Level 1

            Its the variable for sure - I use cad tools but it doesn't do what I want. Question now is how does the variable thing work? I create a text object "123" and make it dynamic in the variables pallet, duplicate it or create a new text object and assign it to the same variable in the vpallet (now I have 2 instances of v1) what next? Capture data set? and then I change one instance of the text and the instance in the pallet changes but the other text object stays the same. I have read the illustrator help to no avail. A clue please.

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              JETalmage Level 6

              Using Variables, each object is bound to its own Variable. Variables doesn't let you have multiple objects for the same Variable. Multiple Variables can have the same value, but changing the value of one will not change the values of the others.


              You can have multiple bound objects, the Variables of which all have the same value (say, 123), and then capture the dataset. You could then change each of the values to another (say, 124), capture that dataset, and then switch back and forth between the two datasets. But that would be ridiculous.


              Forget Variables. Use Symbols. Set a text object containing a dimension you want to use in multiple places. Create a Symbol. The object on the page is now a Symbol Instance (assuming CS3 or later). Make copies of it and put them whereever you want. DoubleClick any one of them to edit it. The others update accordingly.



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                RogerPaine Level 1

                Bril! thanks... I knew that, just forgot I knew it.