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    b-Kule by Tornadostream

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      Here's a little widget that we, the folks at Tornadostream (Dan Smith Adobe
      Community Expert for Flash and Jesse Harding Adobe Community Expert for
      Photoshop), threw together called b-Kule (beta).

      There are ways to use b-Kule:

      1. just use it like so: http://www.tornadostream.com/rss/bkule.cfm

      2. use it as a blog decoration on your site like so:
      (the search query will pull in the first 20 results...so you could display
      your own stuff with a ?q=yourUserName)

      Check it out and let use know what you think. We have more fun Kuler things
      in the works!


      Dan Mode
      ->Adobe Community Expert
      *Flash Helps* http://www.smithmediafusion.com/blog/?cat=11
      *THE online Radio* http://www.tornadostream.com
      *Must Read* http://www.smithmediafusion.com/blog

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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          We like... you guys rock! It's like color bling for your blog.
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            It's very good!
            I just want to notify a few bugs:
            - After searching, if you have your mouse out of the flash animation, the colors all get one over the others at the center.
            - When displaing the colors, the first color set is unreachable (it zoom back out when the mouse goes a bit higher than the second result)
            - If you enter a search which gives no results, it says "Error connecting to Kuler API" instead of "No results found" or somehting.
            - Sometimes (but I didn't got to know exactly what triggers it) it says searching for undefined after searching for a term and hence gives the above error message but then when trying again a few times it works with the same term.

            You have great ideas! Continue like this.