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    Add a server in Cold Fusion Builder 3 beta




      I have installed ColdFusion 9.0, Cold Fusion Builder 3 beta along with IIS7 and i am using Windows 7 Ultimate.

      How do i configure coldfusion builder to run my ColdFusion applications?

      I am new to ColdFusion. Please help.


      This is what i tried doing


      >> Open ColdFusion Builder

      >> Add a Server

      >>Server Name: ColdFusion, Description: Server, Application Server: Jrun, HostName: localhost, Web Port: 8500

      Server Home: C:\ColdFusion9

      Document Root: \wwwroot

      Version: 9.0X


      Error message i get when i try to start the server: Starting ColdFusion has encounter a problem.. Ensure that the server is not already running or any application is not using the webserver port.



      Thanks in advance.