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    Flex Builder shows one error at a time


      Hi folks,


      I am new to flex. I have written a sample application in ActionScript. When I tried to build the application I am not able to see all my compile time errors at a single time. Following is the brief summary of the Issue occured while building the sample application:

                - First time one compliation error is shown.

                - After fixing this compilation error

                - Another compilation error is shown.(remember this error exists even at first time also) (and so on)


      Can't I see all the compilation errors at once (so that I can fix all my errors at one shot) in Flex Builder?

      (Note: I have the 'strict' mode enabled for the flex project)




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          msakrejda Level 4

          It depends on the error. If your error is confusing the heck out of the compiler, the compiler might not be able to reason about the rest of your source code, so it won't catch the rest of your errors. It also depends on the compiler--smarter compilers can show you more informative errors, or more errors at a time.


          I've found that most of the time, FlexBuilder is pretty good at reporting multilpe errors. Unfortunately, when it's not, there's not much you can do.