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    php or javascript to use ??

    tripleA999 Level 1


      how I can hide my swf information like this




      (as it not display information about swf, where original file is placed)

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          RossRitchey Level 4

          The swf is not truly "hidden" if you know how to look.


          Essentially, what they did was this:


          1. Create an html page with only the SWF in it - centered.

          2. Place an iframe in the page that loads that html page.


          Thats it.  The source code shows you where the html page is located, and then, if you navigate to that html page you can view-source and find the path to the swf.


          Interestingly, this does place a level of complexity into the mix, and stops a lot of people from finding the swf.  But, if you know how to look, this cannot stop you.


          It would be better to work something server-side to obscure this from the view, or to place a level of authentication in-between to guarantee that a user cannot get to the flash file.


          lynda.com has a nice method, where they dynamically create a link to the video file (quicktime, but applicable) using a session variable that is only valid for about a minute (or less, I'm guessing on the time).  So, if you view-source and try to navigate to that video file after-the-fact it will give you a "404 - file not found" error.


          I must note, however, that it is impossible to stop someone from getting content if they are determined enough.  You can place obstructions in the way that may/will stop 99.8% of people, but there are always those that are determined (and knowledgeable) enough to get through, even hacking the server if they must.

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