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    Standard v Professional and when does this beta expire?

    mojochris Level 1
      I just saw the email from adobe that included this little nugget of info:

      We're also offering new Flex 3 packaging and pricing when it ships in early 2008.
      Adobe Flex™ Builder™ 3 Standard Edition

      Adobe Flex™ Builder™ 3 Professional Edition


      Flex Builder 3 Professional Edition adds the following features:

      * Data visualization and charting components
      * Memory and performance profilers
      * Flex test automation framework

      This appears to be great news for us that just to pure AS3 development as I don't use the charts and such. The memory and performance profilers seem interesting but I'm not sure they are $450 interesting.

      Why not an ActionScript developers edition? Take out the Flex designer and add back the memory / performance profiler and sell it for the same $250....Just a thought. Would be great for people like me...and for those that just want a better AS editor for CS3.

      So this says that Flex 2 pricing will be effected Nov 1, I'm assuming that this beta will run for 30 days and then I could by flex builder 2 for $250 and then enter that serial number and run until flex builder 3 is released, at which point I'd need to buy a second license for flex builder 3 standard for $250....which means that I could end up with flex builder 3 now (running beta then full version) for the same $500 that I can get flex builder 2 for today...as long as I plan out my trial/ purchase.

      Thanks for listening Adobe!