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    Metadata Display settings


      I've changed the metadisplay display settings for Premiere Project Metadate and selelcted only a few categories to be listed in the project window, i.e. only media in/out, usage, nfo, etc., and some other categories.  I then saved them for that project as "Categories Listings".  With the next footage (event took several tapes) I noticed that I had to reinput the same settings and that "Categoies Listings" was not available.  Do I have to do this for each piece of footage that I capture and edit or is there a way to set 1 criteria that I want listed and then choose that.  Thanks.

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          dradeke Adobe Employee

          If I understand you right, I think you want to save a project that you've modified as a template project that is locked.  That way, you will have everything set up the way you want.


          Let me know if this helps,


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            jeucu Level 1

            Hi, thanks for the response.  What I want to do is save the metadata display for the

            project.  When I go to display the metadata display I choose it from the pull down menu on

            the Project window.  I only want the following columns to show in the Project window for footage:

            Video In/Out, Video Usage, Audio In/Out, Audio Usage, Media In/Out Media Usage and no others.  I don't need the labels, comments etc.  So I only check these categories and be sure that all other categories are not checked.  I choose "SAve Setting" and name it {Category Lists}.  On selecting "OK" the Project window for footage is now exactly the way I want it with the columns as described above.  However, when I close the project and then reopen the project the columns are the default columns and my saved setting {Catefory Lists} does not appear.  Therefore, I have to do this all over again.


            My question,  How can I save these Metadata Display items so that they are now the default and I don't have to change them from the factory default to my preferences each time.  I'm sorry that I didn't make the question clear in the first place.  Again, any help is appreciated.  Thanks.

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              shooternz Level 6

              What version PPRo are you using?


              I am not going to be much help (only because I am not in front of my NLE system) but I can assure you that what you want is possible in CS4 but its not in CS3.


              For instance I can reopen the metadata ( Bin columns) as per my preference in CS4 from a saved preset.  It opens that way with the project if I save it with the project.

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                jeucu Level 1


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                  shooternz Level 6

                  Just confirming that you can save your Metadata column display preference exactly as you wish it (in CS4)


                  Check the drop down menus in the BINS Window and go to Metadata.

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                    Matt Petersen Level 3

                    Out of curiosity, are any adjustments you make to the screen layout saved with your project? i.e. placement of panes, size of Program Monitor etc?


                    Also, is your machine perchance connected to a Domain (as most workplace Windows machines are).



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                      shooternz Level 6

                      If you are asking me...I never change the screen layout from Project to Project so it always opens the way I like it ( which is the way I left

                      it).  I do have some alternates I occasionly open.


                      Short answer to your Q. is I dont know.


                      No idea about Domain Q.

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                        Matt Petersen Level 3

                        sorry.. question was for OP.


                        There was a funny old bug in CS3 that caused some user-preference data to be NOT written on save due to the non-standard location of the My Documents folder (usually located on a server drive in a domain environment).