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    What went wrong?


      I have some images from my digital camera that i want to add rounded corners and then make smaller and then export for a website. I followered a tutorial on the web and all went fine until i had to export them, I first exported them in a JPEG format but the rounded corners all had a white background part behind then (Due to no transparcy in JPEGS) So I exported them in GIF format and the quality is very bad ? The images were around 1000x1000 pixels to start with and i made them 175 x175 in the end, but the quality is so bad in the highest setting of GIF ?

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          GIF is not a good option for photographs. It only handles a maximum of 256 colors, whereas JPEG can display up to 16 million colors. You get poor quality and large files. I'd recommend setting your canvas color to the color of your web page, then re-exporting as JPEG again.




          Jim Babbage

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            grahamdvddvd Level 1

            Hi thanks I thought of that option, but have not decided on a background colour and was tring to get all pics sorted before i put them in site Will have to think of a colour !