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    Shockwave file won't open second file



      Please excuse me if I mis-state anything here. I'm not a user of Director, but I am trying to troubleshoot a training course that was built for us by a vendor.


      • We are on Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 7. Our users are set up as Standard Users on Vista and do not have the ability to install applications on their computers.
      • We are using Shockwave, and users do not have the ability to update versions on their own.
      • I do not know what version of Director was used to create the training.


      Essentially, the training course is set up as multiple files that are strung together. When the course launches, one Shockwave file launches. This file contains the credits for the course, and when it is done playing, a loading screen appears as it attempts to launch a second Shockwave file -- this one containing the course content. However, the screen just freezes on the loading screen and the second file never launches. We've talked to the developer of the course, and apparently the training course was set up to make use of, and look for, version 8 of Shockwave.


      When we have users test this out on their home computers, it works. Even on Windows Vista computers using Internet Explorer 7.  We need assistance in getting this to work, and any clues would be helpful.