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    Can't connent to my webserver, help!


      For starters, I have 2 environments, a dev and prod, I can connect via SFTP to the dev server with Contribute CS3 through Contrubute and Dreamweaver CS3 without issue.  The problem is with my prod server which has replication.  When I try to connect prod through Contribute of Dreamweaver I get a message saying "Dreamweaver could not connect to the remote server.  You cannot...."  When this message appears Dreamweaver is working in the backgroup trying to put a TMP file and hangs there until I click ok and it goes away.  When I try to setup the connection via Contribute it lets me enter my remote details, select the folder on the remote server then when I click next I get a popup saying "Contribute cannot verify your connection information".  Since the only difference between my dev and prod servers is the replication setup on prod, could that be the issue?