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    Problems exporting a EX3 SONY file in Premiere Pro CS3 (1920X1080)

    xande2004 Level 1


      I'm using Premiere Pro CS3, I made a few footage with SONY EX3, opened a project PRESET "SONY XDCAM EX (HQ) 1080i", equal to my original footage in MP4 (the original files from SONY EX3). I made a few corrections to my footage (colour an expousure), when I export to a QUICKTIME with the Preset "HDTV 1080p 25" or others, I always get a flicker in the footage, when I have movement to the left or to the right (pan left or pan right).

      Why does this happens?

      What can I do?

      I've tried different presets to export but I get always the same result...