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    Https in  Httpservice doesn't return response to the caller.

    Thiru_Murugan Level 1


            I am accessing my aplication through  https and i am using http service  to get the data from my application server.


      Actually the httpservice request is going to the server and repsonse is writen to the caller. But the response is not returning to the flex end..


      I have added the below line in my client end.


      response.setHeader("Cache-Control","no-cache"); //HTTP 1.1
      response.setHeader("Pragma","no-cache"); //HTTP 1.0
      response.setDateHeader("Expires", 0); //prevents caching at the proxy server


      and i am accessing the  server from the same domain , so i don't need to load  security policy file also.



      But my flex end  is not getting reponse from the Application server .But the same thing is working  while accessing from HTTP





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          oldMster Level 3

          Are you getting an error?  Have you added a listener for the error event of the httpservice call?  If the reply is sent out of the server, it should get back to flex so either a result or an error should be available.

          I use https for all my httpservice calls, so there is nothing 'wrong' with the httpservice using https.  All the problems I have had with https have been getting the call to go to the server (didn't like the certificate, wrong domain, etc).

          One of the great debugging tools for any httpservice call is to just enter the call url (and any name/value pairs) into the browser address bar, and see if it works there.  If it doesn't work in the browser, it won't work in flex, since flex/flash depends on the underlying browser to make/handle the http/https calls to the server.